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Category:Non-Historical Miniatures
Rules:Malifaux (2nd Edition)
Time slot:Thu Aug 4 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm (1 hour)
Host:unknown (Wyrd)
Ages:Teen (13+)
Experience required:None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Indiana Convention Center, room Hall A: Wyrd, table HQ
Tickets:1 out of 12 are available (as of 9:30 am Monday August 8th, 2016)
Event added:Fri May 6 12:17 pm

It's time to put aside the dice & learn to play a character-driven miniatures game! Malifaux uses a deck of cards, allowing players to take control of their own fates.

Malifaux is a one-on-one miniatures wargame that uses a deck of cards instead of dice. Come learn the ins and outs of this character-driven game by taking command of either the Guild or the Neverborn and facing off against your foe. At the end of the demo, you'll know how to play the game, cheat fate, and take your first steps on the path to victory.

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Malifaux (2nd)." It has been changed to "Malifaux (2nd Edition)."

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