Devil's Bay

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Category:Role Playing Game
Rules:Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)
Time slot:Sat Aug 6 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (4 hours)
Host:Ryan Berndt
Ages:Teen (13+)
Experience required:Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Hyatt, room Cosmopolitan Ballroom C, table 9
Tickets:0 out of 5 are available (as of 9:30 am Monday August 8th, 2016)
Event added:Fri May 6 12:17 pm

Admiral Shackbar, a powerful half-orc, has enlisted your party to join him as he sets sail for Distant Continent to battle a dark army from beyond.

Admiral Shackbar says to you, “Dark magic is at work, and gathering on Distant Continent is an army of foul monsters, who plan to launch an attack on our homelands soon. We do not know what these creatures are, but they are not of this world. It will be terribly dangerous. Even if we survive the sea voyage, most of us will certainly perish as we battle this demonic army." His battle-hardened face broadens with a smile as he finishes, "However, it will be a glorious death!” Adventure is for 3 to 5 characters at about the 8th level.

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Dungeons & Dragons (5th)." It has been changed to "Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition)."

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