Reliquary of the Ancient Ones

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Category:Role Playing Game
Rules:Mutant Crawl Classics (1st Edition)
Time slot:Sat Aug 6 9:00 am - 10:00 am (1 hour)
Host:Jim Wampler (Goodman Games)
Ages:Everyone (6+)
Experience required:None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Hyatt, room Cosmopolitan Ballroom D, table 1
Tickets:6 out of 6 are available (as of 9:30 am Monday August 8th, 2016)
Event added:Fri May 6 12:17 pm

A 0-level mutant-character tournament. A glow storm opens up a chasm under your village that leads to an ancient holographic historical archive. Can you survive long enough to plumb its marvels?

Last night’s fierce glow storm and accompanying earthquake are not unheard of events in the oral traditions of your tribe. But the gaping maw in the ground that leads down to the ancient holographic historical archives that your village was built on top of was unexpected. The tribal elders ask for volunteers to investigate, and that means that you and your fellow Level-0 mutants are going on a grand tour of ages past, as you loot fabulous ancient artifacts while trying to survive the very historical events that led to the Great Disaster. Be among the first to play this new post-apocalyptic mutation-infused role-playing game!

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Mutant Crawl Classics (1st)." It has been changed to "Mutant Crawl Classics (1st Edition)."

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