Valiant Defense of Arcpoint, The

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Category:Non-Historical Miniatures
Rules:Chaos Wars (2nd Edition)
Time slot:Fri Aug 18 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (4 hours)
Host:Michael Shorten
Ages:Teen (13+)
Experience required:None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Indiana Convention Center, room Hall B: Yellow, table 9-10
Tickets:0 out of 6 are available (as of 459 days ago (9:47 am Monday November 20th, 2017))
Event added:Mon Nov 20 9:47 am

Defend the fortress Arcpoint as Human forces in a desperate defense or conquer it as Orcs & Goblyns ready to crush their enemy! Learn & play an old school miniatures game!

An army of Bestials, led by the Orc Warchief Kharlorz elQazi, make a daring attack to take the stout stronghold of Arcpoint. Caught by surprise, the Human commander, Marshal Vinonus gathers his defense & hopes to survive. Will the forces of Law hold out, or will the tide of Chaos sweep over fortress & threaten the lands beyond? This game will pit Humans against Orcs and Goblyns using the Chaos Wars rules. This old school miniatures wargame, first published by Ral Partha back in 1986/87, has seen a rebirth from wildly successful Kickstarters in the past two years. Play with troops, heroes, fell creatures & war machines that all come to life on the field of battle. This will take place in a unique, long running homebrew campaign world, which hosts wargames & tabletop RPG games side-by-side. See the Dark Ages campaign wiki here:

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Chaos Wars (2nd)." It has been changed to "Chaos Wars (2nd Edition)."

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