Tower of Thieves, The

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Category:Role Playing Game
Rules:Dungeon Crawl Classics (1st Edition)
Time slot:Sat Aug 4 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm (4 hours)
Host:Dustin Clark (Goodman Games)
Ages:Mature (18+)
Experience required:Some (You've played it a bit and understand the basics)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Hyatt, room Studio 4, table 1
Tickets:0 out of 7 are available (as of 112 days ago (9:30 am Monday December 3rd, 2018))
Event added:Sun Apr 22 9:06 am

The battle between rival thieves' guild has erupted into the streets. Your job - visit the tower of Viscount Emergill, a known Mockers' Guild associate, & claim the compound for the Old City Guild!

The ongoing war between the Old City Guild and the Mockers' Guild has finally boiled up into open warfare in the city streets. On the eve of the summer solstice, the Old City Guild decides to make a decisive strike against their enemies in the Mockers' Guild. Your mission is to sack the tower of one of the Mockers' best-known political allies, the Viscount Emergill. Well guarded by normal denizens of the city, it has long been rumored that the Viscount utilizes much more sinister creatures to guard the inside to his compound than the common human thugs seen standing outside it's gates. Are you up to the challenge? A 2nd-level funnel for DCCRPG set in the Dark City of Lordaan, a place of deep greed and vice, where sins of any type are plentiful.

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Dungeon Crawl Classics (1st)." It has been changed to "Dungeon Crawl Classics (1st Edition)."

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