Legion of Superheroes & The One True King of England, The

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Category:Role Playing Game
Rules:Champions (5th Edition)
Time slot:Fri Aug 3 noon - 4:00 pm (4 hours)
Host:Jon Cazares (Novus Ordo Seclorum)
Ages:Teen (13+)
Experience required:None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Union Station, room Erie, table 1
Tickets:2 out of 8 are available (as of 109 days ago (9:30 am Monday December 3rd, 2018))
Event added:Sun Apr 22 9:06 am

The 31st Century. King Arthur returns from the dead & brands the current English royal family "usurpers," demanding their immediate abdication - on punishment of death. The Legion intervenes.

6th Century - “When England is in dire need … a King will come and the sword will rise … again” - King Arthur’s dying words. 31st Century - “King Arthur” returns from the dead and demands the abdication of the current English royal family - on punishment of death. But without knights, or gold, or an army - Arthur reborn doesn’t appear to be a legitimate threat to the Crown.The Legion investigates sending Mon-el and his team - Ultra Boy, Shadow Lass and Phantom Girl but they immediately go missing. Soon after, world currency is manipulated to make Arthur Pendragon the richest man on Earth and Arthur quickly hires an off world mercenary army of former Lantern Corpsmen & Manhunters, then introduces the world to his five new knights of the round - Lancelot, Gawain, Kay, Galahad and Percival. Of course, the rest of the world knows those familiar fatal faces by five other names entirely.

Warnings: The event was originally listed with rules of "Champions (5th)." It has been changed to "Champions (5th Edition)."

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