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Stars Have Fallen, The

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ID: RPG1231522
Web site: None available
Email: cprimeau (at) xmission.com (Address obscured to fight spam. Replace (at) with @ for real address.)
Category: Role Playing Game
Rules: Call of Cthulhu (6th Edition)
Cost: $4.00
Duration: 4 hours
Host: Christopher Primeau
Age requirement: Teen (13+)
Experience requirement: None (You've never played before)
Are materials provided: Yes
Location: JW, room 203, table 3
Tickets: 0 out of 6 are available (as of 1:30 AM Saturday August 25th, 2012, but this information may be out of date.)
Official site: Check the official site for the most up to date information and to purchase tickets. You must be logged in at the official site for this to work.
Time slot: Thu Aug 16 8:00 pm - Fri Aug 17 midnight
Event added: Wed May 23 2:34 pm

The Novel meteor shower ended civilization. Your small band barely survives. A scout has returned, gibbering about an oasis, and you really need water. Mythos in the twilight of humanity. June 2, 2015, Central America. Two years ago, the Novel meteor shower rained death and destruction on the world, ending civilization as you knew it. Your small band fled south to survive the frigid, neverending winter, and you've managed to claw a life out of the apocalypse. Now, a lone scout has returned from a group of six, gibbering about an oasis. You're not eager to end up like Howard, but you really need water. A Mythos adventure set in the twilight of humanity.


The event was originally listed with rules of "Call of Cthulhu (6th)." It has been changed to "Call of Cthulhu (6th Edition)."

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