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Props & Accossories For Costuming

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ID: WKS1230664
Web site: http://AndSewingIsHalfTheBattle.com/
Email: None available
Category: Workshop
Rules: Game system not specified
Cost: $10.00
Duration: 2 hours
Host: Laura Baugh, Alena Van Arendonk ('...And Sewing Is Half the Battle!')
Age requirement: Everyone (6+)
Experience requirement: None (You've never played before)
Are materials provided: Yes
Location: Indiana Convention Center, room 204
Tickets: 8 out of 30 are available (as of 1:30 AM Saturday August 25th, 2012, but this information may be out of date.)
Official site: Check the official site for the most up to date information and to purchase tickets. You must be logged in at the official site for this to work.
Time slot: Thu Aug 16 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Event added: Wed May 23 2:34 pm

Nothing defines a character like a signature weapon or unique tool, but props can be difficult to find or create. We'll discuss various methods of prop-making and make small hall-safe weapons to take! Nothing defines a character like a signature weapon or a unique piece of jewelry, but props can often be more difficult to find or create than the fabric clothing of costumes. Don't let your amazing costume be brought down by an aluminum-foil-over-cardboard sword, when for just a few bucks you can make something that completes your look! Join us for talk about how to make good props on the cheap, and how to make better props for a bit of investment. We'll cover the pros and cons of various materials, and you'll make small hall-safe weapons to take with you!

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