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Learn to Make Chainmaille!:Larger Item Buffet

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ID: WKS1230704
Web site: http://www.TheMonkeyStore.com/
Email: Kirk (at) themonkeystore.com (Address obscured to fight spam. Replace (at) with @ for real address.)
Category: Workshop
Rules: Game system not specified
Cost: $34.00
Duration: 3 hours
Host: Wesley Kirk (MMC)
Age requirement: Teen (13+)
Experience requirement: None (You've never played before)
Are materials provided: Yes
Location: Crowne Plaza, room Hay Market A
Tickets: 18 out of 30 are available (as of 1:30 AM Saturday August 25th, 2012, but this information may be out of date.)
Official site: Check the official site for the most up to date information and to purchase tickets. You must be logged in at the official site for this to work.
Time slot: Sat Aug 18 9:00 pm - Sun Aug 19 midnight
Event added: Wed May 23 2:34 pm

Our larger sized project buffet! Pick 1 of 4 kits: A custom headdress, an advanced hand-flower,a serpentine necklace, or our new chainmaille tie option! Tools LOANED and generics are welcome! MMC's large project chainmaille buffet. These are projects that will take longer than the others and we provide all supplies and teach you how to make them! In this segment you can pick one of the following four projects. 1) A customized headdress made of a European weave. 2) An advanced hand-flower (slave bracelet) that is more detailed than the one offered in our normal sized segment. 3) Is another offering based on popular request, a chainmaille TIE! Ever get sick of the normal grind and want something a bit different? Well you too can have a tie made entirely out of chainmaille! 4) The last option in this segment is a rope necklace made of a European weave that resembles a snake skin and for this reason is also known as the 'serpentine' weave. Come, pick which project you would like to make, and we teach you how to make it. Loaner tools provided and generics are welcome!

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