Double check all times!

The various options to add events to your calendar warn you to "double check all times." Please do. Check them when you add events, and check them when you arrive in Indianapolis. Getting different pieces of software to agree on time zones is surprisingly hard, and I don't want anyone to miss an event because of a problem.

Google Calendar is particularly problematic. If you're not in the United States Eastern Daylight Savings time zone (UTC-4), it's pretty much guaranteed to be wrong. You might try clicking "Time zone" on Google's event creation page and setting it to your current time zone; that should fix the problem.

(Technical detalis for the curious: Google Calendar converts the time I pass it to your current time zone and doesn't remember the time zone information I passed along. So if I tell Google, "The event starts at 5:00 pm in Indianapolis," and you're in Chicago, Google creates a floating event listing the start at 4:00 pm. When you travel to Indianapolis and change time zones, because the event is "floating" (not tied to a time zone), it will still list 4:00 pm as the start time. If you're exclusively using the web interface, you're probably okay as it doesn't change the listed time zone. But smart phones, tablets, and the like will try to adjust their clocks and get it wrong. The fix is for Google to remember the time zone I send them. However, Google has abandoned this interface and not provided a replacement, so there isn't much hope.)