Ale & Whores: How NOT to Spend Your Adventuring Gold

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Rules:Game system not specified
Time slot:Sat Aug 1 11:00 am - noon (1 hour)
Host:Jeff Riegle (Green Beagle, The)
Ages:Teen (13+)
Experience required:None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Materials provided?Yes
Location:Westin, room Capitol III, table HQ
Tickets:95 out of 100 are available (as of 6:57 am Thursday August 27th, 2020)
Event added:Thu Aug 27 6:57 am

Financial Planning for Gamers. The day is ours! The king thanks you for ridding the land of the foul beast & gives you your reward. Now what?

Our valiant heroes return from the land of BeigeCube, after slaying the mighty TPS Report monster. The week has ended, and the wise king Payroll has deemed to give us a boon, the mystic PayCheck! As you sit at the tavern, awaiting your next adventure, you ponder what to do with your new found cash. Should I upgrade my armor from khakis to an nice suit? Repair my weapons of Briefcase and Folder? A wise, bent man, leaning heavily on a crooked staff approaches your table, and says. "It sounds like you need a plan." While, as gamers, we know that planning is an essential part of any gaming experience, whether RPG, dice, miniatures, board games, LCGs, CCGs, or online, many gamers are overwhelmed when it comes to planning in their real lives. This will not be boring. Financial planning and gaming go hand in hand, and I LOVE talking about it. Souvenirs for attendees.

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