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ID: BGM1352608
Web site: None available
Email: gamesalot (at) charter.net (Address obscured to fight spam. Replace (at) with @ for real address.)
Category: Board Game
Rules: Container (1st Edition)
Cost: $6.00
Duration: 4 hours
Host: Stephen Munson
Age requirement: Teen (13+)
Experience requirement: None (You've never played before - rules will be taught)
Are materials provided: No
Location: Indiana Convention Center, room Hall F : Yellow, table 14
Tickets: 4 out of 5 are available (as of 7:40 AM Thursday August 27th, 2020, but this information may be out of date.)
Official site: Check the official site for the most up to date information and to purchase tickets. You must be logged in at the official site for this to work.
Time slot: Sat Aug 17 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Event added: Thu Aug 27 7:40 am

Manage most aspects of the shipping business, from producing containers to selling them 2 ways. A certain amount of "economic co-operation" is essential. The objective is to have the most money at the end of the game. Delivering containers to the "island" is the primary means of making money. Of course, you'll need to get containers TO your section of the island as well, which will require you to purchase them at auction when other players deliver to the island. While loans are possible for those "tight situations", they're dangerous, just as debt is in real life, and they carry a 10% per turn interest rate, so they're not cheap, either. Once you learn it, it's a very cool game, and I only wish it was still in print. A friend of mine liked the game so much he was willing to pay $300 on E-Bay for a used copy. Published by Modern Line, creators Thomas Ewert / Franz-Benno Delonge. One expansion. Currently out of print.


The event was originally listed with rules of "Container (1st)." It has been changed to "Container (1st Edition)."

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