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This is a copy of the event database for Gen Con 2015. This is not an official site for Gen Con 2015. I provide it simply as a resource in the hope that it will be useful. It comes with absolutely no guarantees or warranties.

I have a question about Gen Con 2015. How to sign up for a given event? When is Gen Con 2015? Where is Gen Con 2015? Anything related? Visit the official site.

I have a question about a specific event. Unfortunately I cannot help you. I am not the host for these events. You might try search for the event's host online.

There are errors in the data, but it matches the official Gen Con 2015 data. This web site is based on Gen Con 2015's official data. If this web site matches Gen Con 2015's data the best option is to contact Gen Con 2015 and get them to fix their data. The changes should be reflected here in a day or two.

This web site doesn't match the official Gen Con 2015 data. I do some processing to clean up common mistakes as well as provide more consistant titles. This includes rewriting the game system and rules edition in some cases. If my processing was incorrect, or you have suggestions to further improve it, please email me to let me know.

I have other questions, suggestions, or problem reports about this web site. Email me.